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Controlling Pagination
When using the adapter on Integration Server 8.0 and later, you can control the number of items that are displayed on the adapter Connections screen. By default, 10 items are displayed per page. Click Next and Previous to move through the pages, or click a page number to go directly to a page.
To change the number of items displayed per page, set the property and specify a different number of items.
*To set the number of items per page
1. From Integration Server Administrator, click Settings > Extended.
2. Click Edit Extended Settings. In the Extended Settings editor, add or update the property to specify the preferred number of items to display per page. For example, to display 50 items per page, specify:
3. Click Save Changes. The property appears in the Extended Settings list.
For more information about working with extended configuration settings, see the webMethods Integration Server Administrator’s Guide for your release.