Web Sessions 4.3.10 | Terracotta REST Developer Guide | Specifications for HTTP Operations | Examples of URIs | PUT
Creates the specified resource or updates a resource representation.
Allowed Resource Updates
Updating a resource representation means editing the value of one of the following boolean cache attributes:
*Enabled – Enable (true, DEFAULT) or disable (false) the cache.
*StatisticsEnabled – Enable (true, DEFAULT) or disable (false) statistics gathering for the cache. Disabling statistics can improve a cache's performance, but limits monitoring capabilities. Note that if statistics are disabled, then sampled statistics are automatically disabled.
*SampledStatiscsEnabled – Enable (true, DEFAULT) or disable (false) sampled statistics. Sampled statistics are used for providing averages and other aggregate values. If sampled statistics are enabled, statistics gathering is automatically enabled.
Updating a Cache Attribute
The following URI can update the cache attributes as specified in the content.
For example, to turn off statistics gathering for the cache "baz", you would use the following content:
The attributes you can modify in this way are described in Allowed Resource Updates.
Possible HTTP Status Codes for PUT
201 – The operation was successful.
204 – The cache was successfully updated.
400 – The URI does not specify a single resource.
409 – The resource with the given name already exists.