Universal Messaging 10.3 | Administration Guide | Universal Messaging Enterprise Manager | Administration Using Enterprise Manager | Exporting and Importing Realm XML Configurations | Exporting a Realm Configuration into an XML File
Exporting a Realm Configuration into an XML File
Use the following procedure to export a realm or specific elements of a realm into an XML file.
*To export a realm configuration into an XML file
1. In the Enterprise Manager, go to Realms and select the realm that you want to export.
2. Right-click the realm node and select Export Realm to XML.
3. In the Export to field, specify the path to the file to which you want to export the realm configuration.
4. Select the realm elements to export:
*Select Export all to export the entire realm structure.
*Select one or more options under Realm Export, Channels, Cluster Export, Interfaces, Queues, and Data Groups to export specific elements of the realm structure.
5. Click OK.