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Exporting and Importing Realm XML Configurations
Exporting a Realm Configuration into an XML File
Importing a Realm Configuration from an XML File
Sample XML File for Import
You can export a realm configuration into an XML representation, and then import the XML representation into another realm, using the Enterprise Manager. The XML export and import functionality enables you to automatically configure multiple realms based on a standard structure, for example when you want to clone realms and their internal structure.
You can export specific elements of a realm or the entire realm structure. The exported XML can contain any or all of the following elements:
*Realm access control lists (ACLs)
*Channel ACLs
*Queue ACLs
*Configuration parameters
*JNDI assets
*Scheduling information
After you exported the realm configuration, you can import the XML into another realm. Importing the XML automatically creates and configures the objects selected for import from the XML file. The export and import marshal the realm objects from their Administration API representation into XML and back again.