Universal Messaging 10.3 | Administration Guide | Using Command Central to Manage Universal Messaging | Universal Messaging Configuration Types | Ports Configuration | Configuring an SHM Port
Configuring an SHM Port
*To configure an SHM port (interface) for a Universal Messaging server instance
1. In Command Central, navigate to Environments > Instances > All > Universal-Messaging-instanceName > Configuration > Ports.
2. Click and select SHM.
3. Specify values for the following fields:
Enable or disable the SHM port.
The directory in which the files required for SHM (shared memory) communication are created. The default value is /dev/shm.
When choosing a path, ensure that the local ID of the server can access this directory.
Buffer size
The size in bytes of the allocated memory that a connection uses. The default value is 1024000. A file of the same size is also created for mapping.
The idle time in milliseconds before a connection is closed. The default value is 20000.
4. Optionally, click Test to validate the configuration.
5. Click Save.