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Ports Configuration
Configuring an NSP Port
Configuring an NHP Port
Configuring an NHPS Port
Configuring an NSPS Port
Configuring an SHM Port
In the Command Central web user interface, you can view, create, enable, disable, or edit the following Universal Messaging server ports (interfaces):
On the Configuration > Ports page, you can view all the ports configured for a Universal Messaging server instance, as well as the following basic attributes for a port:
Whether a port is enabled or disabled.
An alias that is used to recognize the port. Each port (interface) on a Universal Messaging server instance has an associated alias.
*The number of an NSP, NHP, NHPS, or NSPS port. The port number is unique.
*The path of an SHM port.
The type of the port. The port uses one of the following protocols:
*NSP (Socket protocol)
*NHP (HTTP protocol)
*NHPS (HTTPS protocol)
*NSPS (SSL protocol)
*SHM (shared memory protocol)