Universal Messaging 10.3 | Concepts | Commonly Used Features | Events | Behavior of Transient Events
Behavior of Transient Events
Events marked as transient are never stored on a channel. After they are read, Universal Messaging attempts to deliver them to any consumer that is present. If there are no consumers, the events are discarded.
Due to their transient nature, such events are not supported by all subscription types.
Behavior on channels
*Non-durable subscriptions on a channel support transient events.
*Shared and Serial durable subscriptions on a channel do not support transient events because transient events are not stored. Consumers connected to durable subscriptions of these types will never receive transient events.
*All other durable subscriptions (Exclusive, Priority, SharedQueued) on a channel support transient events.
Behavior on queues
Transient events are supported for queue subscriptions.
API support
Events can be marked as transient through the enterprise APIs for Java, C# and C++ .