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Monitoring Apama applications
Console view
Using the Engine Information view
Using the Engine Receive view
Using the Engine Status view
Using the Scenario Browser view
Software AG Designer provides various ways to monitor a running Apama application:
*Console view
*Engine Information view
*Engine Receive view
*Engine Status view
*Scenario Browser
Note that in the Apama Developer perspective, it is possible to launch multiple projects at any one time. By default, the Console view and the Scenario Browser view will display information about the most recently launched correlator. To monitor a different correlator, select Window > Show View > Other > Debug from the menu and select the Debug view — this lists all running launches. Select the correlator that you wish to monitor from this list.
Opening the Apama Runtime perspective (see The Apama Runtime perspective) results in a convenient layout of all the available Apama Runtime views. This is the recommended way to make use of these views. You can switch back to the Apama Developer or Apama Workbench perspective at any time.

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