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Using the Engine Receive view
Engine Receive Viewer preferences
Specifying channels for the Engine Receive View
The Engine Receive view shows all events generated from the connected correlator. Each batch of events is separated with an optional separator.
You can also change whether to display the separator line and change how it appears by clicking the drop down arrow at the top right of the view to display the menu and select Options. See Engine Receive Viewer preferences.
*Select All — Select all text in the console.
*Clear — Clear all text in the console.
*Copy — Copy all selected text to the clipboard
*Show Separator — Show a separator line in each event batch.
*Show Date/Time of batch — Show a date/time of each event batch
Click the Toggle Connection button to temporarily disconnect the Engine Receive view from the correlator.
When the Toggle Connection button is pressed, the console will not update any further events from correlator. The background of the console will be changed to indicate the temporary disconnect mode. The Select All, Clear, and Copy actions will still work in this mode.
To resume from the temporary disconnect mode, simply click on the Toggle Connection button again to resume the connection. The console will be cleared and new events will be shown in the console again.

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