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Creating a new instance of a scenario or a parameterized query
In the Scenario Browser view, you can create new instances of a scenario or a parameterized query that is running in the application.
1. In the Scenario Browser's left pane, select the scenario or query for which you want to create a new instance.
2. Click the Add Scenario Instance button . The Add Scenario Instance dialog appears, showing the details including the input and output variables that make up the scenario or query definition in the left-hand column. The right-hand column displays the values of those variables.
3. To create an instance of a scenario or parameterized query, you must specify values for the input fields in the right-hand column. Fields with default values are already filled in. You can add or edit values in cells that have a white background. To specify a value, double click in the empty cell and enter the information.
4. Click OK.

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