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Adding resources to JMon projects
Java Configuration Editor
Adding JMon applications
Adding JMon classes
Adding non-JMon Java files
To add existing resources to a JMon project, you modify the project's configuration. The configuration information is stored in the project's config/apama_java.xml file.
To add resources to a JMon project, double click the project's config/apama_java.xml file. The Apama Java configuration editor appears.
The Application drop-down list on the right of the editor's title bar shows the application you are editing. You can select any JMon application currently included in the project and you can add JMon applications from other projects to your current project.
You can use the Classpath field to specify any additional third party jars that should be on the runtime classpath of the JMon application or Java plug-in.
For example, ${sys:MY_THIRD_PARTY_DIR_SYS_PROP}/lib/foo.jar;${env:MY_OTHER_THIRD_PARTY_DIR_ENV_VAR}/bar.jar
For more information on the classpath string, see Specifying the classpath in deployment descriptor files.
You can add other JMon classes (JMon events and JMon monitors) and non-JMon Java files to a project.

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