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Deploying JMon applications
* To deploy and run your application outside Software AG Designer
1. Start a correlator with Java enabled:
correlator –j other_options
2. Inject the application JAR file:
engine_inject –j application_name.jar
Apama creates an object instance of each monitor class defined in the deployment descriptor file and executes its onLoad method. If there are multiple monitor classes, they are injected in the order in which they are specified in the jmon-jar.xml file.
The classes in the application's JAR file cannot also exist (have the same packaging and name) anywhere else on the classpath. If they do, it causes the application to fail to load.
When you start the correlator, you can pass properties and options to the embedded JVM with the –J option. Specify the -J option with each property or option you want to specify.
For example, you can use this mechanism to specify a global classpath for the JVM with: -J-Djava.class.path=path. Apama prepends its own internal classpath .jar files to the path you specify. If you specify both the CLASSPATH environment variable and a classpath on the correlator start-up command line, the classpath specified on the command line takes precedence. See also Specifying the classpath in deployment descriptor files for information about specifying the classpath for each individual application.

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