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Developing Apama Applications in Java
Overview of Apama JMon Applications
Defining Event Expressions
Concept of Time in the Correlator
Developing and Deploying JMon Applications
This part provides information and instructions for using Apama's in-process API for Java, called JMon, to write applications that run on the correlator. To develop an Apama application you can use the correlator's native Event Processing Language (EPL) or JMon. This part focuses exclusively on how to use JMon to write an application that runs on the correlator.
JMon reference documentation is provided in Javadoc format.
Important: Apama provides both EPL and JMon as ways to create powerful Complex Event Processing (CEP) applications. Both types of application can use Apama's event expressions to set up listeners that detect patterns of events. With JMon, however, there are restrictions on the Apama capabilities that can be used. Therefore, for new applications Software AG strongly recommends choosing the more powerful EPL language over JMon. A common pattern for writing the main logic and event expressions for a CEP application is to use EPL (not JMon), with the EPL code calling Java plug-ins (see Writing EPL Plug-ins in Java) as needed for specific operations such as invoking a third-party library. Keep in mind that a Java plug-in is not the same as a JMon application, and JMon - though not deprecated - should be considered a legacy feature. Any future enhancements in this area will be made to the Java plug-in mechanism and not to JMon. Any customer application that needs to tightly integrate CEP logic with Java libraries should use the more modern pattern of EPL calling into Java plug-ins.
JMon restrictions include:
*Streams cannot be defined.
*Multiple contexts are not supported.
*Channels are not supported.
*Decimal data types are not supported.
*Other EPL plug-ins cannot be called.

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