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Defining monitor classes in deployment descriptor files
The deployment descriptor file must define a monitor element for each monitor class in your JMon application's JAR file. Each monitor element must contain the following two elements:
*monitor-name — The name by which this monitor is to be defined within the correlator. The correlator has a single namespace. Consequently, this name must be unique across all applications. For example, SimpleMon or SimpleApp.SimpleMon. If you specify a package qualified name, it is the qualified name that must be unique.
*monitor-class — The name of the Java class in which this monitor is defined. This must correspond to the fully qualified name of the class, for example, SimpleMon if the monitor class is defined within the default Java package, or com.apama.example.monitors.SimpleMon if the monitor class is defined in the com.apama.example.monitors package. The file, for example, SimpleMon.java, is expected to be located within a folder structure that maps to the packaging, as per standard Java convention.
The monitor element can optionally contain a third element. This is the description element. Specify a description of the monitor. For example:
   <description>A simple JMon monitor, used to show functionality of
      a new installation.</description>

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