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Using cut/copy/paste with states
You can cut, copy, and paste states.
For reference, recall that cut will copy the current selection into the clipboard and delete it from the scenario, while copy only places a copy of it in the clipboard.
To cut or copy a state, right-click it to display a context menu and select the operation you want. Alternatively, you can select it, and then do one of the following:
*Press the Control X and Control C shortcut keys
*Click the or buttons on the main toolbar, respectively.
*Select Cut or Copy from the Edit menu.
To paste a state, the Event Flow panel must be highlighted. You can do this by clicking somewhere within the Event Flow panel so that its toolbar is highlighted. If you right-click, you can select Paste from the popup context menu. Alternatively, press CTRL+ V, or click the button on the Event Modeler toolbar. The newly pasted state is renamed to Copy of previous_name if there is still a state with the same name. For example, if you copy a state and then paste it back in, the newly pasted state will be renamed.
Note also that all rule transitions in the newly pasted state will be reset to continue. You can then manually change them to your intended transitions.
You cannot cut the start or end states.
If you want to make a copy of a state that retains all its transitions, you should use the Shift key to first select the state and then select each of the transitions you want to retain. Copy the entire selection into the clipboard, and paste it to obtain a copy of the state with the rule transitions' destinations preserved.

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