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Working in the Event Flow panel
Interacting with states
Interacting with transitions
The Event Flow panel graphically illustrates the states that a scenario instance can be in during execution, and how it can transit from one state to another. The states are depicted as circles, and possible transitions are shown as a line between the two states, with the arrow head indicating the direction of the transition.
Upon creation, a new scenario has two states, marked start and end, with a single transition going from the start state to the end state. User-defined states have a single border, while mandatory states, the start and end states, have a double border. Mandatory states are also shown in a different color (pale blue) instead of rose. The name of an unfinished state appears in red italics. In a newly created scenario, the start state is unfinished because you have not yet defined any rules to indicate how the scenario can transit from the start state to the end state.
Mandatory start and end states
Note that all colors used in the Event Modeler can be changed in the Apama preferences. For more information, see the description of the Apama preference page Scenarios.
You can zoom the view in and out within the Event Flow panel by changing the zoom value from the pull down selector available on the panel's toolbar. You can adjust the zoom level from 25% to 400%, with 100% being the default setting. Alternatively you can just type the zoom value you would like and press Enter.

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