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Adding a transition
You can add a transition in a number of ways:
*Having selected the source state, you can add a rule to it and then change the state transition statement for that rule so that it causes a transition to the destination state. This will automatically add the transition between the states in the Event Flow panel.
Adding rules will be described in Working in the Rules panel.
*Alternatively, click the icon on the Event Flow panel's toolbar to activate Connect mode. Small pale red squares, or connectors, appear around the border of all the states except the end state. Point to a connector on the source state and note how the cursor changes. Press the left mouse button, and while still holding it, move to another connector on the destination state. Release the mouse button to create a transition between the two connectors, and thus the two states.
If you select the source state you will notice that a rule has been created in it that embodies the state transition you have just created. You can repeat this to create more transitions.
Click on the icon again to deactivate Connect mode when done.

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