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Preserving column name case
In order to provide compatibility for a wide number of database vendors, the ADBC adapter normally converts column names to lower case. However, if you want to execute complex queries where the _ADBCType or _ADBCTime are returned as part of the query rather than being specified using the setEventType and setTimeColumn actions on the query, you need to set the ColumnNameCase property in the ADBC adapter's configuration file to unchanged.
Setting the ColumnNameCase property is done by manually editing the ColumnNameCase property to the configuration file.
* To edit the ColumnNameCase property
1. In the Project Explorer, in the project's Adapters node, expand the ODBC or JDBC adapter, and double-click the adapter instance to open it in the ADBC adapter editor.
2. Display the ADBC adapter editor's XML source tab.
3. In the <transport> element, edit the ColumnNameCase property as follows:
<property name="ColumnNameCase" value="unchanged"/>
4. Save the ADBC adapter instance's configuration.
When the ColumnNameCase property is set to unchanged, you can specify a query string in the following form:
string queryString := "SELECT *, 'Trade' AS _ADBCType FROM TradeTable
WHERE symbol = "ADL";
The other values for the ColumnNameCase property can be lower, (the default) and upper.

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