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Performing rollback operations
For rolling back uncommitted changes to database, use the following DBUtil actions. If you want to use rollback actions, you need to turn autocommit off.
action doSQLRollback()
For rolling back uncommitted changes to database in situations where the previous SQLCmd, SQLQuery, or SQLCommit operation failed, use:
action doSQLRollbackOnError()
When you want to rollback uncommitted changes to the database and receive a DBAcknowledge event to indicate success or failure, use:
action doSQLRollbackAck( integer ackNum, boolean onError )
The ackNum parameter is the identifier for the DBAcknowledge event; setting it to -1 will disable sending the DBAcknowledge event and instead use the default error handler if an error occurs. For the onError parameter, setting its value to true will cause the operation to run only if the previous SQLCmd, SQLQuery, or SQLCommit failed.

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