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Using the Define Apama Command dialog
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Updating event definitions in Builder
As with Scenario-management commands, you define a send-event command by associating it with the command, actionCommand, or commandString property of a Dashboard object such as a button.
* To make the association
1. Select the Dashboard object.
2. Right-click the actionCommand or commandString property in the Object Properties panel.
3. Select Define Command > Apama from the popup menu.
4. In the Define Apama Command dialog
a. Command. Select Send event from the command drop down list.
b. Correlator. The correlator where the command is to be run.
c. Package. The choices for the Package field include all the packages for the selected correlator. Events that do not have a package are grouped under the package “default”.
d. Event. The choices for the Event field include all the events for the selected package.
e. Channel. Optionally, specify a channel on which to send the event. For example, orders. If you do not specify a channel then the default channel is used.

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