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Other dialog fields
The remaining fields shown are dependent on the event selected; one field is shown in the dialog for each field in the event. As with other commands, the value of each event field can be attached to a dashboard variable or set to a hard coded value.
Default values
It is not necessary to set each event field in order to send an event. Empty fields are set to default values depending on field type. See also Default values for types.
Specifying values for reference types
You specify values for reference types (such as location, sequence, dictionary or event) by using the format specified in the API Reference for EPL (ApamaDoc) . For example, to specify extraParams you can specify the value as follows:
You can also use dashboard variables, or a single dashboard variable that contains the entire value, for example:
where $extraParams equals {"field1":"value1","field2":"value2"}.
Event fields of type optional are empty by default. If you want to specify a value, make sure to specify the value as shown in the following examples:
*optional(123.45) for float values.
*optional("hello world") for string values.

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