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Using Composite Grids
Configuring Composite Grids
Composite Grid sample
The Composite Grid object combines the capabilities of the Composite and Object Grid objects to provide a powerful and flexible means to display multiple scenario instances or DataView items.
Above, a Composite Grid is used to display the instances of the tutorial scenario. The rtv file displayed in the grid contains a set of objects to display the details of a single instance of the tutorial scenario.
The objects are attached to the tutorial scenario filtering on $instanceId to select a single instance. The Composite Grid object is configured to pass each instance a unique value of $instanceId such that there is one row in the grid for each instance of the scenario.
Note: The Composite Grid object is really just an Object Grid with the Icon Class Name in its iconProperties set to obj_composite. The Composite Grid has all the behaviors of the Object Grid and Composite objects.

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