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Formatting table data
The table object allows formatting attributes to be specified for each column in a table. Double-click Formatted Table in the tutorial main page to see the following table:
Here formatting has been specified for the Shares, Price, and Position columns. The Price and Position columns include a currency indicator and the Position column is presenting negative positions inside parenthesis. Apama dashboards provide wide variety of formats, and you can specify custom formats as well.
To specify formatting information, double-click the columnFormat property and use the Column Format Properties dialog:
To format a column, select the column in the Column Name field and either select, or type, a format string in the Column Format field.
Specify column formats using a format string appropriate for use with the Java class java.text.DecimalFormat, or with the following shorthand: $ for US dollar money values, $$ for US dollar money values with additional formatting, () for non-money values, formatted similar to money, or # for positive or negative whole values.

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