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Filtering rows of a scenario summary table
You can limit the set of instances displayed in a scenario summary by specifying a filter when you define the attachment. This is useful when you only want to display those instances with a shared characteristic, such as the exchange they are trading on.
* To modify a data attachment with filter information
1. Select the table that you want to modify. For example, double-click Summary Table on the tutorial main page, and then select the table object.
2. In the Object Properties panel, double-click the valueTable property.
3. In the Attach to Apama dialog, do the following:
a. Check the Filter checkbox.
b. Specify a scenario variable in the By variable field.
c. Specify a value or values in the Value field. Specify multiple values as a semi-colon-separated list. Do not use spaces.
d. If you specify multiple values, select Member of in the field above the Value field. (This field specifies a comparison relation. It default to Equals.)
This selects instances whose value for the specified variable bears the specified comparison relation to the specified value. Here is an example:
This example filters the table's contents to display only the instance for which the value of the scenario variable Instrument equals APMA.

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