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Correlator pipelining
Configuring pipelining with engine_connect
Connection configuration file
Configuring pipelining through the client API
Event partitioning
To implement engine topologies comprising multiple correlators requires a method of connecting correlators in pipelined configurations. This can be achieved in the following ways:
*Directly using the engine_connect tool. See Configuring pipelining with engine_connect.
*Indirectly using Software AG's Universal Messaging message bus. For complex deployments where parts of the application may be moved between Apama correlators, this is likely to be the best alternative. When using Universal Messaging, each correlator connects to the same Universal Messaging realm. See The Universal Messaging Transport Connectivity Plug-in.
*Programmatically via the client API, see Configuring pipelining through the client API.
*Using a custom launch configuration in Software AG Designer. See Connecting correlators .

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