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Connecting correlators
When you are creating a custom launch configuration you can specify connections between correlators. This is similar to connecting correlators with the engine_connect correlator utility.
Each connection you add goes in only one direction. For example, suppose you define a connection from correlatorA to correlatorB. This connection lets correlatorA send events to correlatorB. If you want correlatorA to receive events from correlatorB you must add a second connection that specifies correlatorB as the source of the connection and correlatorA as the target of the connection.
* To connect correlators
1. In the Run Configurations dialog, select the Components tab and ensure that the correlators you want to connect are listed as components. See Adding a correlator .
2. Click Connections.
3. In the Connections dialog, click Add, which activates a row in the connections table.
4. In the activated row, in the From field, select the name of the correlator that is the source of this connection. If the name of the correlator you want to connect does not appear, click Cancel to return to the Components tab and then select Add > Add Correlator.
5. In the To field, select the name of the correlator that is the target of this connection.
6. In the Channel field, specify one or more channels to be used by this connection. Use a comma as a separator. For example, channelA, channelB.
7. In the Flags field, specify any options that are supported by the engine_connect utility.
See Correlator pipelining.
After adding the desired connections, click OK to return to the Components tab.
To remove a connection, select the row that defines the connection and click Remove.

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