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Standard table: Alert group
This property group contains filterProperties , which specifies how to modify table appearance at runtime in response to changes in the values of individual cells.
Specifies rules that are applied at runtime in order to set text color, background color, row visibility, and cell images based on the values of individual cells. The rules are applied in the order in which they are listed in the Filter Properties dialog, therefore later rules may override the effects of earlier rules.
In the Object Properties window, double-click on filterProperties in the Property Name field. The Filter Properties dialog appears.
Click the Add button in the Filter Properties dialog to add a rule. The Edit Filter dialog appears.
The dialog has the following fields and buttons:
*Condition: Use these fields to specify the cells for which the rule's action is to be performed. The first field specifies a group of cells and the second and third fields specify a condition. The action is performed for those cells in the specified group that meet the specified condition, or else for the rows containing those cells, or for the columns contain those cells (depending on how the Target field is set; see below).
In the first field, supply a column name to specify all cells in a column. Supply Column Header to specify all column header cells. Supply Row Name for all implicit row name cells.
In the second field, select a comparison relation.
In the third field, select or enter a value or dashboard variable name.

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