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Radar graph: Marker group
Properties in this group control the appearance of trace markers (but see also Radar graph: Trace group).
Marker group properties
The group contains the following properties:
Sets the size of the trace markers in pixels. Supply an integer value that is between 1 and 18, inclusive.
This property is in the Marker property group.
Sets the scale mode for trace marks. Select one of the following from the drop down menu:
*No Scale: All marks, across and within traces, are the same size.
*Scale by Trace: Scale marks according to the trace in which they reside, that is, marks in the first trace are the largest, across all traces, and the marks in the last trace are the smallest.
*Scale Within Trace: Scale marks according to the relative order of the data within each trace.
This property is in the Marker property group.

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