Apama 10.3 | Apama Documentation | Building and Using Apama Dashboards | Dashboard Deployment | Managing the dashboard data server and display server | Prerequisites
In order to start a data server or display server with all the necessary parameters to support a given deployment, you may need to obtain the following information from the Dashboard Builder:
*For web-based deployments, the data server or display server host and port that the builder supplied to the Deployment Configuration Editor when preparing the dashboard for deployment. See Using the Deployment Configuration editor.
*The logical name for each correlator as well as the host name and port for each deployment correlator (if any) that was specified by the Dashboard Builder in the Apama tab of the Tools > Options dialog prior to the generation of the deployment package with the Deployment Configuration Editor. See Changing correlator definitions for deployment.
The port of the Apama dashboard data server must be accessible to the Apama Dashboard Viewer. If you are on a Windows system and the firewall is enabled, unblock network access for this port. The default value for the port is 3278. For security reasons, never change firewall settings such that this port is exposed to untrusted clients.

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