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Changing correlator definitions for deployment
When you create a dashboard in Dashboard Builder, use a development correlator. When you deploy a dashboard for use with a live correlator, change the correlator host and port so that they reference the live correlator.
This can be done in two ways:
*In the Dashboard Builder, select Tools > Options and use the Apama tab to specify the deployment correlator or correlators. You must do this before you generate a deployment package with the Dashboard Deployment Configuration Editor. See Specifying data sources.
*When you or another user starts a data server or display server that will serve event data to your deployed dashboard, use the -c or --correlator option to override the host and port specified in Dashboard Builder for a given correlator logical name. See Managing the dashboard data server and display server.
If a user other than you will complete the deployment, you must communicate to this other user the logical name for each correlator as well as the host name and port for each deployment correlator (if any) that you defined.

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