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Adding bundles to projects
Adding EPL bundles to projects
Adding connectivity and adapter bundles to projects
Bundles are named collections that group the Apama objects that are necessary for different types of applications. When you are creating a new Apama project, the New Apama Project dialog lists the following bundle catalogs:
*Standard bundles. This bundle catalog contains standard EPL bundles supplied with the product. These bundles contain service monitors and event definitions that are specific to the type of application you are building. For example, applications that use data views need the DataView bundle. See Adding EPL bundles to projects.
*Connectivity bundles. This bundle catalog contains the connectivity bundles supplied with the product, each of which contains connectivity configuration files (YAML and properties files), and sometimes also references to supporting EPL monitors. The connectivity plug-ins perform a similar role to IAF adapters: both allow plug-ins to transform and handle delivery of events. In most cases, we recommend using connectivity plug-ins instead of the IAF for new adapters. See Adding connectivity and adapter bundles to projects.
*Adapter bundles. The adapter bundles contain adapter configuration files, monitors, and other files needed by the Integration Adapter Framework (IAF). Apama provides adapters that communicate with third-party messaging systems, transforming incoming messages into Apama events and, in the opposite direction, transforming Apama events into the proprietary representations required by third-party messaging systems. In addition, the adapter for the Apama Database Connector (ADBC) allows an application to connect to standard ODBC and JDBC data sources as well as Apama Sim data sources. See Adding connectivity and adapter bundles to projects.
*User bundles. The user bundles are user-defined bundles that are not packaged with the product. The user bundles can be received from Software AG through email, sample, community download and so on. If you want to add a user bundle, copy the user bundle file to the catalogs\bundles directory in your Apama work directory.

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