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Description of Query Designer
Apama's Query Designer editor, which runs in Software AG Designer, provides a graphical environment that complements Apama's event processing language. You use Query Designer to define and update Apama queries. An Apama query monitors a very large number of real-world entities and processes events on a per-entity basis, for example, all events related to one credit card account.
Query Designer provides graphical tools for specifying:
*Inputs a query operates on. For each input, you specify the event type and a partition key field. You can also specify a filter, a time constraint, and a maximum number of events to operate on in each partition.
*Parameters For each parameter you add, you specify a name and a type, which must be one of integer, float, string, or boolean.
*Event pattern of interest. After you add an event type as an input to a query, you can drag that event type on to a canvas where you graphically define the event pattern you are interested in.
*Actions. Define one or more actions to be executed when a match is found.
*Conditions. Add a filter, time constraint, or exclusion (an event that prevents a match) to the event pattern of interest.
*Aggregates. Find data based on many sets of events.
Query Designer is intended for business users who may not be familiar with EPL.
See Adding query files to projects.

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