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Adding query files to projects
Apama queries are useful when you want to monitor incoming events that provide information updates about a very large set of real-world entities such as credit cards, bank accounts, cell phones. Typically, you want to independently examine the set of events associated with each entity, that is, all events related to a particular credit card account, bank account, or cell phone. A query application operates on a huge number of independent sets with a relatively small number of events in each set.
* To add a query file to a project
1. In Project Explorer, right-click the project you want to add a query to and select New > Query File.
2. In the New Apama Query File dialog, the Containing folder field shows the name of the project you selected. Accept this or enter the name of the project you want to add the query to.
3. In the File name field, enter a name for the query file.
4. In the Query name field, when you enter the file name in the File name field, the same file name appears as a query name in the Query name field. You can either accept or edit the query name.
5. In the Package field, you can optionally specify the EPL package that contains this query. If you do not specify a package then the query file is in the default package which contains EPL files that do not specify a package name.
6. Click Finish.
The new query file is added to the project's queries folder and the new query is opened in the Design tab of the Query Designer. Also, the Queries Support bundle is automatically added to your project, if your project does already contain this bundle. A query application project must contain the Queries Support bundle. After you add a query file to a project, you can view it along with the other EPL objects in your project. See Viewing all EPL objects in all projects .

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