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Description of Apama's Data Player
Apama's Data Player, which runs in Software AG Designer, accelerates the development/deployment cycle of EPL applications or JMon applications by letting you pre-test (via simulation) your applications on event streams captured in Apama. It also supports flexible event processing replay features.
Data Player provides analysis tools for the Apama environment. It enables Apama users to investigate the likely behavior of Apama applications prior to deployment, as well as analyze the actual performance of those applications already in production.
Data Player operates on data captured by the Apama Database Connector (ADBC). ADBC provides Apama standard adapters that allows access to JDBC/ODBC compliant databases as well as to Apama Sim files. Analysis can include all events received by Apama or only selected event streams. Likewise, you can choose specific segments of time from the past (for example, an entire day, a specific 30 minute period, or any user chosen time slice). Additionally, you can accelerate replay speeds many times the actual live speeds, or slow them down or pause for more careful exploration of event processing operations.
See Using the Data Player and The Database Connector IAF Adapter (ADBC).

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