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About Apama license files
Software AG supplies you with an Apama license file. Refer to the licensing terms specified in your software contract for any additional legal restrictions that may be imposed on your use of Apama.
A license file is required for the full functionality of Apama. The Software AG Installer will ask for it during the installation. See About the Apama installation process for further information.
It is possible to run Apama without a license file or with an expired license file. Apama behavior with regard to the Apama license file is as follows:
*When a license file cannot be found, the correlator will run with reduced capabilities. See Running Apama without a license file.
*A correlator started with a license file does not shut down when its license expires. It continues operation for seven days beyond expiration. The correlator logs periodic warning messages until it reaches the end of the seven days or until you replace the expired license.
*Removing the license file from a running correlator does not cause it to shut down. It continues operation for seven days after the license file is removed. The correlator logs periodic warning messages until it reaches the end of the seven days or until you restore the license.
*You can start a correlator with an expired license if it is less than seven days beyond expiration.
If you obtain a license file after you have been running Apama, copy it to the license directory in your APAMA_WORK directory, for example: C:\Users\Public\SoftwareAG\ApamaWork_n.n\license\ApamaServerLicense.xml (where n.n stands for the current version number).
If the correlator's license has expired, you have to have obtain a new license file and copy it into the same location before the end of the above mentioned grace period. The correlator checks for an updated license file every five minutes, so the new license file is automatically picked up. The correlator does not need to be restarted in this case.
Note: If you name the license file "ApamaServerLicense.xml" and put it in the license directory in APAMA_WORK, then the correlator will automatically pick up the license file. Otherwise, you must specify the path to the license file on the command line.

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