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About the Apama installation process
Software AG Installer
Apama can be installed using the Software AG Installer, which you download from the Software AG Empower website at https://empower.softwareag.com/. You can find it in the Software Download Center (SDC).
On Windows, you will normally use the graphical installation mode (that is, the Software AG Installer GUI). On UNIX, you will either use the graphical mode or console mode. However, the Software AG Installer also has options for scripted (that is, silent or headless) execution of the installer, and for creating installation images that contain all the downloaded artifacts required to run the installer locally without connecting to a server. For detailed information, see the Using Software AG Installer guide at http://documentation.softwareag.com/ (Empower login required).
For more information, see Running the Software AG Installer.
Command Central
Alternatively, you can install Apama using Command Central. For more information, see Installing Apama using Command Central.
License File
Software AG provides a license file for Apama. When you select Apama > Server during the installation with the Software AG Installer, the installer will ask for it. Copy the license file to the machine on which you want to install Apama. You can copy it to any temporary location. The installer will ask for the location of your license file and will then copy it to the Apama work directory (apama_work_dir/licenses/ApamaServerLicense.xml).
It is also possible to proceed with the installation without specifying a license file. In this case, however, the correlator will run with reduced capabilities (see Running Apama without a license file).
Note: If the correlator cannot find the license file at the above location, it will also search Apama/etc/ApamaServerLicense.xml in the installation directory.
Side-by-Side Installations
You can install the same Apama version more than once on the same machine. And you can also install several different versions of Apama on the same machine. This may be necessary to test a new version before it is taken over into a production environment. Each version, however, must be installed in a separate directory. For example, when Apama is already installed in the directory SoftwareAG, you can install a second instance of Apama in a directory named SoftwareAG2.
Community Edition Installer
Most users will use the Software AG Installer to download and install Apama, or any other required Software AG products. Some Apama customers, however, will also have access to a "Community Edition" installer which comes as a single .zip or .tar.gz file that can be installed without connecting to Empower. This file only includes Apama itself. Therefore, it cannot be used to install Apama Capital Markets Foundation, Capital Markets Adapters, or any other Software AG products. Aside from this difference, both installation mechanisms operate in much the same way.

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