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Non-null values for non-primitive event field types
When the correlator creates an event to pass to the JMon code, it ensures that all fields of a non-primitive type have a non-null value. Note that this is different from the Java default, which is to allow null values for non-primitive types.
The com.apama.jmon.Event default constructor uses reflection to initialize non-primitive null fields with the following values:
*sequence — an empty array of the specified type.
*dictionary — an empty java.util.HashMap object.
*string — an empty java.lang.String object.
*event — a default construction of the event, with recursive initialization for any of its non-primitive fields that have null values.
In your application, if you explicitly assign a null value to a non-primitive event field, and your application tries to emit, enqueue, or route that event, the correlator logs an error and terminates your application.

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