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Format for deployment descriptor files
The format of the deployment descriptor file must be compliant with the XML defined by the following XML Document Type Definition (DTD):
You should become familiar with this DTD to understand the exact definition of the deployment descriptor file. However, the normal structure of the file is as follows. In the following format, all text inside XML element tags, which is in italic typeface, indicates placeholders for which you would supply an actual value.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE jmon-jar PUBLIC "-//Apama, Inc.//DTD Java Monitors 1.2//EN"
  <name>Application Name in the Correlator</name>
  <version>Version Number</version>
  <company>Company Name</company>
  <description>Description of this application</description>

      <event-name>Event Type name in the Correlator</event-name>
      <event-class>Event Type's class location</event-class>
      <description>Description of Event Type</description>
      <monitor-name>Monitor's name in the Correlator</monitor-name>
      <monitor-class>Monitor's class location</monitor-class>
      <description>Description of Monitor class</description>

The most important part of the deployment descriptor file is the application-classes element. This element must contain an event element for each event type your JMon application defines. It must also contain a monitor element for each monitor your JMon application defines.
The application name that you specify in the name element is important because it defines the JMon application's name in the correlator. The engine_inspect management tool displays this name when it lists data for your application. If you want to delete your application, you specify this name. The application name must be unique across all currently loaded applications. If the application name is not unique, injection fails.

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