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About the Apama development environment in Software AG Designer
Software AG Designer provides an integrated environment for developing Apama applications. The process of developing an Apama application is centered around an Apama project. In Software AG Designer, you create a project and then you use Software AG Designer to:
*Add and manage the component files that make up the application.
*Write the EPL for your application.
*Specify the adapters and dashboards that are necessary for the application.
*Specify the configuration properties necessary for launching the application.
*Run and monitor the application.
*Export the initialization information necessary for deploying the application.
*Export your EPL files to a correlator deployment package (CDP).
As you add components to your application, Software AG Designer automatically generates the boilerplate EPL code for the application's standard features and launches the appropriate editor where you add the code to implement the component's behavior.
A central Apama feature in Software AG Designer is the EPL editor. The EPL editor provides support for writing EPL, for example:
*Automatic EPL validation
*Content assistance
*Hovering over an event declaration displays the event's type definition
*Automatic indenting and bracketing
*A separate panel shows the hierarchy of the EPL that appears in the editor
*Ability to define templates for frequently-used fragments of EPL
In Software AG Designer, you can examine the EPL files that are part of the Apama demo applications.
See Overview of Developing Apama Applications for more information.

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