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DataView support
The IAFStatusDataViewService provides support for publishing the status of an IAF adapter as a DataView item. It can be used to easily monitor the adapter status using Apama's Scenario Browser or to visualize the adapter status using an Apama dashboard. The IAFStatusDataViewService.mon file, which can be found in the adapters/monitors directory of the Apama installation, needs to be injected to make use of the IAFStatusDataViewService. Note that the monitor is not included in any bundle in Software AG Designer. For more information on the DataViewService, see Making Application Data Available to Clients.
The status of every adapter is published as a DataView item of a single DataView definition (IAF_ADAPTER_STATUS). The IAFStatusDataViewService is dependent on the IAFStatusManager and can only publish the status of adapters which support the IAFStatusManager.
The IAFStatusDataViewService uses the following events:
*The AdapterDataViewRegister event is used to register an adapter for publishing its status as a DataView item. You have to route the AdapterDataViewRegister event with the appropriate adapter name to start publishing its status.
*The AdapterDataViewDeregister event is used to de-register an adapter from publishing its status as a DataView item. You have to route the AdapterDataViewDeregister event with the appropriate adapter name to stop publishing its status.
*The AdapterDataViewResponse event is sent in response of the AdapterDataViewRegister and AdapterDataViewDeregister events to indicate the success or failure of the operation.
See the API Reference for EPL (ApamaDoc) for more details about the IAFStatusDataViewService and the events.
Once an adapter is registered to publish its status information as a DataView item, the IAFStatusDataViewService starts consuming AdapterUp and AdapterError events from the IAFStatusManager. Each registered adapter has a corresponding DataView item for the status. This DataView item is periodically updated with the current status from the AdapterUp and AdapterError events.
After an adapter has been registered for publishing its status, the adapter status can be viewed in the Scenario Browser or visualized in a dashboard:
*To view the adapter status in the Scenario Browser, open the Scenario Browser as described in Displaying the Scenario Browser, and then click or expand the IAF Adapter Status node to see the current status of the adapter.
*To visualize the adapter status in a dashboard, use the IAF_ADAPTER_STATUS DataView as the data source. For more information, see Attaching Dashboards to Correlator Data.

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