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Using EPL code coverage with PySys tests
The Apama installation includes the Python-based PySys test framework and some extension modules for Apama components.
The Apama extensions to the PySys test framework can enable code coverage recording, and automatically run a coverage report from the .eplcoverage files at the end of test execution, which will help users to create better test cases and to find code paths in their EPL applications that do not have adequate test coverage. To use this feature, start your tests with -X eplcoverage=true, for example:
pysys run -X eplcoverage=true
For an example, see README.txt in software_ag_install_dir/Apama/samples/pysys.
When recording coverage information, it is important to run PySys without the --purge argument. Otherwise, the .eplcoverage files will be automatically removed.

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