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Event representation
A single event is identified by the event type name and the values of all fields as defined by that type. Event type names must be fully-qualified by prefixing the package name into which the corresponding event type was injected, unless the event was injected into the default package.
Each event is given on a separate line, separated by a new-line character. Only single-line comments are allowed. Start each comment line with // or #. Any blank lines are ignored.
For example, following are three valid events:
// This is an event file that contains some sample events.
// Here are three stock price events:
StockPrice("XRX", 11.1)
StockPrice("MSFT", 70.5)
For those events, the following event type definition must be injected into the default package:
event StockPrice {
string stockSymbol;
float stockValue;
If the above events were saved in an .evt file, engine_send would send each event in turn, as soon as the previous event finished transmission. This behavior can optionally be modified in several ways:
*Specifying that batches of events should be sent at specified time intervals.
*Specifying that all events on all queues should be processed before sending the next event.

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