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Command shortcuts for the command-line debugger
Putting multiple commands in the same command line can get verbose. For example, suppose you want to step out of an action on a remote machine. You would need to enter something like this:
engine_debug stepout --host foo.bar.com --port 1234 wait --timeout 10
--host foo.bar.com --port 1234 status --host foo.bar.com --port 1234
The command-line debugger provides easier ways to invoke this.
*Any arguments that you specify before the first debugging command apply to the entire command line.
*All individual commands and their arguments have abbreviations.
For example, the following command does the same thing as the previous verbose command:
engine_debug -h foo.bar.com -p 1234 sot w -to 10 p
The following table lists the abbreviations you can use for command arguments. For abbreviations of commands, see Debug commands.

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