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About the Kafka transport
Kafka is a distributed streaming platform. See https://kafka.apache.org/ for detailed information.
Apama provides a connectivity plug-in, the Kafka transport, which can be used to communicate with the Kafka distributed streaming platform. Kafka messages can be transformed to and from Apama events by listening for and sending events to channels such as prefix:topic (where the prefix is configurable).
You configure the Kafka connectivity plug-in by editing the files that come with the Kafka bundle. The properties file defines the substitution variables that are used in the YAML configuration file which also comes with the bundle. See Adding the Kafka connectivity plug-in to a project for further information.
This transport provides a dynamic chain manager which creates chains automatically when EPL subscribes or sends to a correlator channel with the configured prefix, typically kafka:. For the Kafka transport, there must be exactly one chain definition provided in the dynamicChains section of the YAML configuration file.
For more information on YAML configuration files, see Using Connectivity Plug-ins and especially Configuration file for connectivity plug-ins.
Note: The Kafka connectivity plug-in does not support reliable messaging.

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