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About the Universal Messaging transport
Universal Messaging is Software AG's middleware service that delivers data across different networks. It provides messaging functionality without the use of a web server or modifications to firewall policy. In Apama applications, you can configure and use the connectivity provided by Universal Messaging.
You can use the Apama integration to Universal Messaging as a simpler and more deeply integrated alternative to connecting to a Universal Messaging realm via the Java Message Service (JMS). This can be used both to connect different Apama components together using the internal Apama message format and for integrating with non-Apama systems over Universal Messaging. The Universal Messaging connectivity plug-in supports configurable mapping between Apama events and whatever formats the non-Apama components are using.
Only Universal Messaging channels can be used with Apama.
This transport provides a dynamic chain manager which creates chains automatically when EPL subscribes or sends to a correlator channel with the configured prefix, typically um:. The selection of which dynamicChains definition to use is based on the channelPattern regular expression configured in the Universal Messaging transport of each dynamic chain. See Configuring the Universal Messaging connectivity plug-in for more details on the mapping between correlator channel names and the associated Universal Messaging channel or topic names.
Note: Universal Messaging queues and datagroups are not supported in this Apama release.
The Universal Messaging connectivity plug-in does not support reliable messaging.

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