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SQL-based instance table
An SQL-based data table is a special data table designed to ease implementation of complex filtering and improve performance for dashboards that must handle a large number of scenario instances or DataView items. It is similar to a scenario instance table (see Scenario instance table) and a DataView item table (see DataView item table). It contains the current values of all input and output variables for all instances of a single scenario, or the current values of all fields for all items of a single DataView definition.
A separate table exists for each scenario or DataView definition. Within a table, a row exists for each instance of the scenario or item of the DataView definition. The columns of the table correspond to the variables of the scenario or fields of the DataView.
See Using SQL-based instance tables for more information on using SQL-based instance tables.
When you specify a data attachment, this kind of table is available only if you started Builder with the -Y or --enhancedQuery command-line option.
Important: When SQL-based data tables are in use for deployed dashboards, authorization for scenario instances and DataView items does not use scenario authorities (see Administering Dashboard Security). By default, all users have access to all instances or items. Authorization must be built into attachment queries. See Using SQL-based instance tables for more information.

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