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Definition Extra Params table
A definition extra params table contains the metadata for the extraParams member of the selected Definition (Scenario, DataView or Query). The table has two static columns: key and value. An entry in extraParams is considered a metadata entry if its key name starts with the Metadata: prefix. Each metadata entry in the extraParams member will appear as a row in this table.
For example, a DataView definition may have extraParam like this:

add := new com.apama.dataview.DataViewAddDefinition;
add.dvName := "RecipeDV";
add.dvDisplayName := "Recipe";
add.fieldNames := ["name","ingredients","category","difficulty"];
add.fieldTypes := ["string","string","string","integer"];
add.keyFields := ["name"];
add.extraParams := {
"Metadata:author":"John Doe",
"Metadata:copyrightDate":"October 15, 2015",
In the above example, only the first 3 extraParams entries are metadata entries. Therefore, the Definition extra params table will show:
John Doe
October 15, 2015

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