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Apama integration with Universal Messaging in 9.12
The Apama support for Universal Messaging has changed. A new connectivity plug-in is now available for connecting to Universal Messaging realms and channels. This provides for new features in mapping of message types on Universal Messaging.
Using Software AG Designer, you can add a new connectivity bundle named Universal Messaging to your projects. See Adding the Universal Messaging connectivity plug-in to a project. This bundle includes the Universal Messaging connectivity plug-in. All of the configuration for this plug-in is driven by Software AG Designer, and you can edit the configuration by just changing a few properties. For more information, see The Universal Messaging Transport Connectivity Plug-in and especially the topic Configuring the Universal Messaging connectivity plug-in.
The new Universal Messaging connectivity plug-in replaces the old native Universal Messaging integration, which will be removed in a future release. It is recommended that you use the new connectivity plug-in instead.

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