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Apama enhancements in Software AG Designer 9.10
Apama 9.10 includes the following enhancements in Software AG Designer:
*The times for doing incremental rebuilds of large Apama projects have been significantly reduced. Tests have shown that this has been speeded up by more than a factor of two on a typical desktop.
*When configuring a JDBC adapter, you can now specify the timeout for queries in the General Properties section. The new property Query timeout is available for this purpose. Keep in mind that different database vendors define a query timeout differently; see the documentation for these databases for more information. See also Configuring an ADBC adapter.
*You can now enable or disable diagnostic logging for a query file. This feature was available only for scenarios and was labelled as Generate Debug Code. In this release, the label Generate Debug Code is renamed to Diagnostic Logging.
*The top-level page of the Apama preferences now informs you in which directory you can find the Apama log file for Software AG Designer, and a link is now provided for accessing that directory directly. See also the description of the Apama preferences page.

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