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The top-level page of the Apama preferences provides the following options:
Dashboard Process Arguments
This group box allows you to specify arguments for the dashboard process. Note that these are arguments to the JVM and not to the Dashboard Viewer itself. The most common use for this is to pass Java system properties or specify the memory constraints. For example, the -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true argument, which is provided by default, defines a specific font so that international characters are displayed properly.
When you click the Variables button, the Select Variable dialog is shown. This is a standard Eclipse dialog which allows you to select variables to be used as launch configuration parameters (see the Eclipse documentation for more information on this dialog). The following variables pertain to Apama:
Variable Name
The root directory of the Apama installation.
The Apama library version.
The directory for Apama user files.
Hide "Terminate Launch" dialog box
By default, the Terminate Launch dialog box is shown when you stop a running Apama project and associated processes are still running. This dialog box allows you to close these processes manually. It also provides the Do this automatically from now on option. When you enable this option, all running processes are automatically closed each time you stop a running Apama project, and the Terminate Launch dialog box is no longer shown. In addition, the Hide "Terminate Launch" dialog box option is automatically enabled in the preferences. If the Terminate Launch dialog box is to be shown again, you have to disable this option in the preferences.
Note: You can always terminate a running Apama project using the corresponding button in the Console view, regardless of the setting of the Hide "Terminate Launch" dialog box option.
Location of Apama log file for Software AG Designer
This text box informs you in which directory you can find the Apama log file for Software AG Designer. This is just for your information; the text box cannot be edited. If you want to go to this directory directly, click the Open location for Apama log file link which is shown below the text box.

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